Brandon Steiner’s Holiday Credo: “Think Inside the Box!”; Ultimate Fan Boxes Perfect Christmas & Hanakkah Gifts

By John Cirillo

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Brandon gives thumbs up to holiday gifts

Steiner Sports founder Brandon Steiner has a new holiday gift credo which is: “Think inside the box!”


Perfect gifts are “boxed in”

The sports collectibles company is offering 11, amazing, 10-item “Ultimate Fan Gift Boxes” for Christmas and Hanukkah gift-giving which are sure to have sports fans wrapped up in enthusiasm: the New York Yankees, Mets, Giants, Knicks and Rangers are the New York teams featured, with World Champion Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, Notre Dame and a Derek Jeter version also available. An $800 value, the gift boxes are priced from $149.99 to $349.99.

ultimate-yankeesYankees fans can rejoice with their version of the Ultimate Fan Box, valued over $600, with items including a game used ball from Yankees Stadium, an item signed by the Core Four, an item autographed by a current or former Yankee and seven other great collectibles.
brandon-with-core-4Derek Jeter fans can get their own version of a Fan Box, which is valued over $850, with a plethora of great items including an item signed by the Captain himself, a game used dirt capsule and eight other unique pieces of memorabilia related to Jeter.
The Mets Ultimate Fan Box, valued at $300, includes a number of unique items including a signed collectible from both a current and former Mets player, as well as eight other pieces of memorabilia.ultimate-mets
Fans of the World Series winning Chicago Cubs can get an Ultimate Fan Box, valued over $500, which includes a replica Cubs Lineup card, an autographed item from both a current and former Cubs player, a 2016 World Series logo baseball, a Cubs baseball card and five other great collectibles.
Red Sox fans can choose from two great Ultimate Fan Boxes, full of great items for any member of Red Sox Nation. The boxes include a game used base or game used ball, an autographed item from a current player, as well as an item signed by a former Red Sox player, a pen with Authentic Field Dirt from Fenway Park and seven additional great pieces of memorabilia.

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