Author Nathan Gottlieb: Sports Writer Turned Mystery Novelist June 20 Book Party

Nathan Gottlieb, author, HBO Boxing writer, and former Star-Ledger of Newark Knicks beat writer‎, will host a reception on June 20 to launch the “The Zero Tolerance Game,” the newest book in his Frank Boff Mystery Series. The media reception is also open to the public for which a cash bar at the most reasonably-priced Rudy’s in Hell’s Kitchen is available. Oh yeah, and they serve complimentary hot dogs, a Boff addiction!  Here are the details: 


Distinguished author Nathan Gottlieb

 Who: Author Nathan Gottlieb

Special Guest: Ex-DEA Agent/P.I. Fred Boff

What: Book party and reception to launch “The Zero Tolerance Game”

Date: Monday, June 20, 2016

Time: 4:00-6:00 PM

Where: Rudy’s Bar & Grill

Address: West 44th Street @ Ninth Avenue, Hell’s Kitchen, New York City


Yolanda will be pouring at Rudy’s

RSVP: John Cirillo,, or text: 914-260-7436


The Zero Tolerence Game is latest in Boff Mystery Series

Menu: Hot Dogs, a Boff addiction and Rudy’s specialty, and “The Gottlieb,” Nathan’s vodka concoction featuring pepperoncini, will be served 


Line up for Rudy’s complimentary hot dogs, a Boff favorite 

To Reach Nathan directly:

Here’s a link to Gottlieb’s author website:

Here’s link to his author’s page on


The Gottlieb vodka concoction will be unveiled and served in Nathan’s honor

Nathan Gottlieb is a former sportswriter for the Star-Ledger who covered the Knicks as beat writer for nine seasons, college basketball, Monmouth Park, the Yankees, Mets, boxing, and sports television during a 21-year career at the Newark, NJ daily newspaper. He currently writes boxing stories for HBO’s website, an assignment he began in 2005.

Mr. Gottlieb was born in Newark, and raised in Maplewood, NJ. He attended Columbia High School, and received his BA from Rutgers University, New Brunswick. Prior to “The Zero Tolerance Game,” Gottlieb published seven other books, “The Hurting Game,” “The Punishing Game,” “The Killer Sex Game,” “The Payback Game,” “The Death Dealing Game,” “Stinger” and “The Zukovka Experiment.” He is presently working on the seventh book in the Frank Boff Mystery Series.


Six Boff novels, Gottlieb  working on next

“The Zero Tolerance Game


The odd couple of private investigators is back!

Frank Boff, the legendary DEA agent turned rogue P.I., teams up again with the volatile Emily Lynch, a six foot, alpha-female detective on suspension from the NYPD because of a drinking problem.

On a perfect summer day where seemingly nothing could go wrong, everything does. Boff walks his client to his car and is heading to retrieve his own vehicle, when he hears a tremendous explosion behind him. He looks back and is shocked to see his client’s car engulfed in flames.

Boff’s shock turns to anger as he realizes if he had been closer to the vehicle, he’d be dead now. He knows in an instant that whoever did this is going to pay. Big time.

When Boff gets home, he receives a phone call from an old high school buddy who was wrongfully convicted of murder and sent to prison for life at the age of seventeen.

Twenty-nine years later, his friend’s conviction has been overturned, and he’s being released with only one thought in mind: hire Boff to help find the real killer and punish him.

Faced with two murder cases, Boff needs a partner. With reluctance he turns to the combustible Lynch, who after her latest bout of binge drinking, finds herself homeless and sleeping in subways and shelters.

Inevitably, sparks fly between them as they struggle to solve two cases involving warring snipers on New York City rooftops, the world’s most ruthless drug cartel, corrupt federal agents, and caffeinated mobsters who’ll stop at nothing to get what they want.

In this second installment of the Boff-Lynch team, nothing is as it appears to be, and the truth is buried beneath layers of lies and deceit.

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