Boo of the Week goes to Knicks Fans‎

Warner delivering big boo back in the day

Warner delivering big boo back in the day

When my old friend Warner Wolf, now doing sports on the “Imus in the Morning” radio program on WABC, was sports anchor on Channel 7’s Eyewitness News and later on CBS 2 back in the heyday of local news, he had a weekly award called the “Boo of the Week.”

Warner would chastise an athlete or team for conduct unbecoming and detrimental to sports lovers. We miss it!

KP welcomed by cascade of boos

KP welcomed by cascade of boos

So, in tribute to witty and wonderful Warner, let’s pull it out of the archives, and award the “Boo-Boo” to those Knicks fans at last Thursday’s NBA Draft who welcomed New York’s first round pick, Latvian star Kristaps Porzingi‎‎s, with a cascade of boos.

First, it wasn’t 19-year-old, deft-shooting PK’s fault that the Knicks were picking fourth! Clearly the draft’s three best players — Karl-Anthony Towns, D’Angelo Russell and Jahlil Okafer‎ — were, as expected, already gone. Don’t take it out on the kid!

Second, how in the world would any of these geniuses know if it was a good or bad selection, anyway? They barely had heard his name until recent media reports leading up to the draft, and couldn’t possibly have ever seen him play. “More elite GMs believe in his (Porzingis) talent than any player in the draft,” reported Yahoo’s astute Adrian Wojnarowski in a tweet following the boo-birds’ reaction.

The boo birds

The boo birds

One pre-teen fan at Barclays Center, obviously emulating his hater-dad, expressed his dismay by throwing his hands up in disgust in between selfies. Teach your children well! They of course must have a code they can live by, as poor as it may be. The lad later appeared to be crying. The rest of them looked like a lynch mob or that they were auditioning for roles in Twelve Angry Men.

Honorable Mention I for “Boo of the Week.” Carmelo Anthony,  reportedly agitated at Phil Jackson, not only for the PK pick, but also for trading Hardaway,  Jr.‎ for legit point-guard prospect Jerian Grant, a steal of a swap for the Knicks, who are in dire need of a young play maker.‎ ‘Melo should show the same passion on the court that he does on twitter!

Honorable Mention II for “Boo of the Week”: The moronic Cubs fan recklessly dangling his infant son in one hand while catching a foul ball with the other with his wife smiling as she watched! These nitwits are quite a gift to parenthood.

Warner today, still a classic

Warner today, still a classic

As my man Warner would say, “Give me a break!”

I hope WojYahooNBA is right with his prediction that Porzingis “is going to be a star in New York.”  With the history of outstanding European players like Nowitzki, ‎Schremp, the Gasols, Parker and ‎Petrovic, I’m rooting hard for the sweet-shooting Porzingis to be a stud!

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